Kindle bargains this Christmas

Yes available right now at great rock bottom prices.

Brand new series Book One ‘Belief’

A story of a young teacher, her life, & her deaths! Yes that’s right, Belief dies on a regular basis. Why? because although she lives a pretty normal life by day at night she becomes a ‘Reaper’.

Belief is the daughter of the ‘Grim Reaper’ his name is Hans. Book one introduces the reader to Belief her life, her very sarcastic girlfriend & the discovery of what her dream world really is, meet the other characters who will be in this fantastic series, facing life & discovering death.

Aimed at Young Adult plus readers.

UK: Just 99p

USA: Just $1.31

Canada: $1.68

Available worldwide on kindle, paperback & hardback.

Other featured books available from just 77p UK

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the release of my brand new book series ‘Belief’

‘Belief’ a brand new set of stories about a ‘Reaper’ who lives her life on Earth by day and then once asleep, Belief dies and walks in the ‘Otherworld’.

This fantastic short story is out in hard back for just £10.75 UK and £6.99 in paperback the eBook comes out on Kindle for a magnificent £1.99 on 29th October 2021 get it while it’s this price and before it is the original recommended price of £2.99

‘Belief’ is available on Amazon and will soon be available at other good online bookshops, this brilliant story helps those with a fear of death, is LGBTQ+ and can be read from the age of 12 years and over, even the adults I have allowed to proof read it have loved it!

UK Paperback link:

UK Hardback link:


USA paperback link:

USA hardback link:



By Ruth Watson-Morris

Bleak, and why she is coming up free again!

Bleak is a fairy story of a different calibre, it’s not your regular story and is about fairies who have been down-trodden by humans for many centuries…

Unable to use their magic, now with the humans gone they start to be able to use their magic again, fighting a new enemy and trying desperately to survive after the apocalypse.

Bleak is the fairy princess, like all fairy stories have one, so does this story. She’s brave and cares about people not just from her world but from others as well, she goes in search of finding any and all that could still be alive.

After a rotten start and a 1 star review, I am putting this back out there FREE on 8th, 9th & 10th October just to prove that this story is different, about bravery, magic and about the trials of this species after humans destroy the world.

Some adults seem to feel it was obviously written for them and should be something else, I’m sure like all characters in books, Bleak is different and not weak.

Love & light to all

By Ruth Watson-Morris



This wonderful dystopian novella is a brilliant thriller about Laryssa and Niam and their eternal bond. They have met before, only things did not go well, leaving Laryssa questioning if she should try again.

Niam doesn’t understand his amazing bond with this beautiful woman, all he knows is he can’t be without her.

The truth is they are empathic, they are an evolved human life form that are made to be together for eternity. Two souls that are made from the light force of the Goddess Gaia (Mother Earth).

A story of eternal love, heartache, murder and revenge…

Will true love win or are they destined to be separated again as they search throughout the universe for a place called Empathica.






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By Ruth Watson-Morris

BRAND NEW ‘Belief’ part one of the ‘Reaper short stories series’ COMING IN OCTOBER 2021!

Coming 29th October, 2021

Reaper is a kind hearted beautiful woman who teaches at her local college in UK. She lives her normal life by day, living with her girlfriend Laura, but when night falls Belief dies…

Her mother Betina, is human and her father Hans is the Grim Reaper! A childless couple who made an ‘Otherworldly’ pact to give up one of them to live out their days in the ‘Otherworld’ in exchange for an ‘Otherworldly’ child.

Belief, who has grown up believing that her dreams are just dreams of another world where she is sent to collect the souls of the dead, but in reality Belief is a ‘Reaper’.





This fantastic new story is one of four, you will meet all the lead characters in the first story and the Banshee super ‘Reaper’ villain Dankini.

“Gothical, LGBTQ+, mystical, magical, supernatural, vampirical, chilling, thrilling stories by the well established author Ruth Watson-Morris.”

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Brand new Author Interview with Destiny Hawkins

I would like to wish my readers a very good day and welcome

back new author interviews, we will be visiting some old and

some new faces and seeing what they are writing now.

Today I am joined by the fabulous dark fantasy author DESTINY HAWKINS

Hello Destiny

Thankyou for joining me today to talk about your book I would like to welcome you here on The Voxians website

Can I ask what part of the world are you from?

Cleveland, Ohio!

Are you new to the author world or have you been an author for a

while? Do you enjoy writing?

Oh, I’ve been in it since about 2015! I love writing now more than ever!

That’s great to hear Destiny.

Do you do your own editing or like me do you call in others? I

hate editing my work so after the initial rewriting until I’m happy, I

then put my books in the hands of others, how do you deal with


I hand it over to others to do the editing for me!

I don’t blame you, editing is a tough job.

Are you published by traditional publishers, or have you gone for


I have always been a self-publisher.

Yes I sometimes believe that the days of tradition publishing are becoming less, It’s a shame because there is a lot of fabulous writers out there, but traditional publishing houses never seem to give anyone a chance unless they are already established or famous.

What authors have inspired you to write?

Jeff Wheeler and Johnathan Renshaw!

Wasn’t Jeff Wheeler the Harbinger series writer? His series is great!

Are there people in your life that have helped you along with

your writing career?

Not so much helped, but I do have readers in my family that support me by buying books and reading them.

It’s brilliant when friends and family support your writing career.

Please can you tell us about your latest work?

The Descendants is the first installment of a gripping dark fantasy where a powerless girl must survive in a society that doesn’t accept the weak…or the defective.


Amazon UK:

Are you planning to write more?

YES! I will be starting up book four once I wrap up book three!

Can you sum up your writing career so far?

When I was around age nine, I started writing just about whatever came to mind, but when I turned eleven, I started

writing actual stories. For a while, I continued writing, but when I got into high school I started sports, so I ended up

falling off until about my second year of college. When I officially started up again, I was writing for pure

entertainment, but as I continued, I found that there was so much more to writing than I ever thought. Maybe as a

child growing into a teen, it was an outlet, but as I grew into an adult it became a way of discovery. I can’t say that

everything the characters in my books discover are my own revelations. They are very well fictional – I write dark

dystopian fantasy – but I can say that I put what I know and feel about the world and how it affects the people living

in it. I just explain it by creating other worlds and alternate dimensions.

It has been wonderful to speak to you today and I wish you the

best of luck with your book and writing career.

Thankyou so much for being a guest here today.

By Ruth Watson-Morris


UK Look for sale price

Starting at just 99p then £1.99 and then returning to it’s original price sale in UK


But hurry, it won’t stay this price for long.


Living amongst the Gods and Goddesses of the Universe, Gaia ‘Mother Earth’ falls in love with a human man.
For love Gaia takes a piece of her heart turning herself human so she can live a short mortal life and be with the man she loves.
Through their love they create a new evolved human, her name is Laryssa.
Others are born, created so that their child will never feel alone, and through these evolved creations, eternal love is born – two souls from one light – Empaths.
Those of us who know what this is will understand, those who do not, need to know – we are already living among you, we are evolved humans who can read your every thought, feel your hate, your pain and your love, our intuition is so strong we trust our gut, but rarely ever trust you.

Worlds apart, we live, we work, we love, hiding from the hunters and the dangers they bring.

Meet Niam, Lover, Hero and Empath.

This is his story, he is a man with the need for revenge.

By Ruth Watson-Morris


This fabulous young adult twisted fairy-tale is coming FREE on 6th of August 2021 on kindle and will be available until 10th August 2021 inclusive!

So tell me what will you be reading this Summer?

Fairies and Zombies, what more can you ask for?


UK LINK: BLEAK: The Apocalypse. (Fairy-tales for young adults) eBook : Watson-Morris, Ruth: Kindle Store

USA LINK: BLEAK: The Apocalypse. (Fairy-tales for young adults) eBook: Watson-Morris, Ruth: Kindle Store

FRANCE LINK: BLEAK: The Apocalypse. (Fairy-tales for young adults) (English Edition) eBook: Watson-Morris, Ruth:

CANADA LINK: BLEAK: The Apocalypse. (Fairy-tales for young adults) eBook : Watson-Morris, Ruth: Kindle Store

AUSTRALIA LINK: BLEAK: The Apocalypse. (Fairy-tales for young adults) eBook : Watson-Morris, Ruth: Kindle Store

ITALY LINK: BLEAK: The Apocalypse. (Fairy-tales for young adults) (English Edition) eBook : Watson-Morris, Ruth: Kindle Store

Written in UK english.

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Coming free 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th July ORION!

Orion second book of the YA series 16+ readers

Coming FREE, 16th to the 19th July inclusive.

After the first battle all is well in Vox and on Earth.
Walking through the city Azaya (Orion’s girlfriend) comes across a strange alien creature, she is formed like a woman but makes Azaya’s world feel cold and unfriendly.
Azaya is drawn to the strange woman called Leemala, with her jagged teeth and power of destruction, Leemala bites Azaya, but instead of death Azaya’s Voxian powers release a virus throughout the whole of Vox, contaminating all on the planet, turning the Voxians feral, blood thirsty for any blood and out to destroy all others who have found a home on the planet, the humans, reptilians and many other species.
This includes Raidar, the leader of the mountain warriors, one of the biggest, baddest warriors alive, his powers originate from Hell and his father a demon!
Orion is on Earth, so is his best friend, his mother and his Voxian wolf ‘Shadow’ all reside near the university Orion goes to. Being present on Earth has saved him and the others from the illness the planet bound Voxians face, but it is a race against time for Orion and his friends and allies to find the cure.
If they don’t act quickly, Vox will be lost to this violent virus forever.

By Ruth Watson-Morris