Fantacia The Beginning

Residing in a bell-shaped Universe is Galaxia, a world on the light side of the wonders. There rules the Goddess with her Angel children, who are immortal warriors of virtue.

To the south there is a nebula bright and true in the shape of an eye, watching over all, and inside rules the Angel King Kathos, with his warrior superheroes, powerful soldiers with swords, who are fighting against the dark dimensions, protecting all in the Universe from Evil.

The planet Galaxia: 200 B.C.

The Angel Kathos was brought down from the Heavens with a challenge from those on a higher spiritual plane. He was to bring back Belial the dark Angel, the liar, bringer of wars.

It is said that Kathos promised he would never rest until the fallen Angel had been returned once again to Hell.

Through legend Kathos would do all in his powers so that Belial could no longer cast his spells of evil, sucking out the energy from planets to feed his own powers and rituals of destruction.

Kathos would continue to search for his Demonic brother until he had defeated him and his army bringing peace once again to the Universe and to this day Kathos has kept his promise.

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By Ruth Watson-Morris

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