Take a look at this wonderful Author and her new children’s series!!!!!!

The Brimstone Forest -  Book 1 and The Mystical Mountains of Terra - Book 2!

FAB-U-LOUS! Meet a fabulous 10 year old bug catcher and adventurer!

1. What inspired you to write Cecilia (The Adventures of Cecilia Spark)?

Well, I had some time on my hands when my children were all at school and I decided to experiment with a few ideas I had scurrying around in my head. Cecilia Spark started off as a boy, and my niece asked me why ‘he’ wasn’t a ‘she’ … and that’s when Cecilia Spark was born. I wanted to create a character that children could relate to and enjoy. Perhaps I’m trying to encourage children to visit the great outdoors again through my books; creating exciting adventures that young readers will want to explore themselves: bug-hunting adventures, den building, treasure seeking, dangerous encounters with fearsome creatures. We did these things when we were young, kids should be able to enjoy that today.
Cecilia Spark, I love her, she reminds me of my daughter and possibly a little of myself.

2. Who is your favourite character besides Cecilia?

Oh, toughy here … ! In Brimstone Forest, Book 1, it would have to be Jinxi the Dragon. He’s such a big soppy character and tries his best to be fierce.
In Book 2, The Mystical Mountains of Terra, it is Ractus. He stays calm despite all the chaos going on around him, and he is wise.

3. How many books are you going to be bringing out in the series?

I’m not sure. I’ve started Book 3 in the series which I hope to publish in 2013. I’ll keep writing as long as my readers want Cecilia Spark adventures! Hopefully, there will be a few more books after the 3rd one.
Which we await!
Thanks so much Ngaire.
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