Meet a new children’s author as I ask him a few questions about Mrs Trimble’s Magic tea-pot.


What inspired you to write Mrs Trimble’s Magic Tea-Pot?
I first had the idea in my twenties, of a character who could go anywhere in an odd sort of time machine. As I got older I wanted to get my grandchildren off computer games and reading books, to love books as much as I do.

Who is your favourite character besides Mrs Trimble?
The one I had most pleasure in drawing was the ogre in the story ‘Mrs Trimble and the lost key’. I have always had a fascination in monsters and horror films, and this gave me a chance to show that side of my personality. In the story the Ogre also collects books, which happens to be my favourite hobby.

So are you the Ogre? 
I suppose so, but maybe not so large and with better teeth!

How many books are you going to be bringing out in the series?
I am in the planning stages of the second book that should be out next year, I’ll see how well that is received and maybe think about a third. But I want to start bringing out a new project that I have been working on for some time. Although if readers want more of Mrs Trimble then I will continue. The new project is an early education tool for pre-school children, it will still have some great stories and illustrations, but it will serve to prepare children for education by introducing them to school subjects like Maths, History and English setting them certain tasks at the end of each story.
Wonderful stuff!

You can find Mrs Trimble’s Magic Tea-Pot here: