Liebster for Bob Atkinson – Creator of ‘The Last Sunset’.


As nominations for the Liebster award (for writers fun) came along, so did the opportunity to get one of my favourite authors to tell us a little about himself, so I set out 11 questions as in the rules and sent them to a lovely willing author, and this was what he sent back.

1. What type of Genre do you like to read? – Science Fiction.

2. Who influences you to write? – I love the work of Ray Bradbury. His ideas are a little dated now, but he was the most beautifully expressive writer.

3. If you were a dog, what type or bred would you be and why? – I would like to be one of your Voxian super-canines. Those dogs are just so cool!

4. Tell me about a funny situation you have found yourself in? – During my days as a visiting officer I was once chased off a croft on Skye by a gigantic pig. This thing was the size of a small horse. Since that day I’ve developed a great fondness for bacon, sausages…

5. What is your main strength as a person? – My main strength as a person? I don’t know. It’s something I would really have to think about. Perhaps I would have to ask those people who know me best. But even then, would they even know? I really am not sure. In the end I suppose looking at all sides it would probably have to be my decisiveness. Although even then I’m not entirely sure.

6. What would you do if you won a million pounds/dollars? – I would take my wife on a nice relaxing cruise, to help recover from the heart attack I’d suffered on hearing the news I’d won a million pounds.

7. Who is your favourite actor or actress? – At the moment it’s Kelly Macdonald. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to play Ishbel Cameron in the film version of The Last Sunset.

8. What of the latest films on at the cinema would you pay to see? – Pixar’s latest cartoon Brave. I love films that affectionately take the mickey out of Scotland.

9. If you were a bookshop, where would you like to be? – Mission Beach, San Diego. Sun, sea, sand and books. It doesn’t get any better.

10. Which author would you most like to interview? – Charles Darwin. A man whose genius was matched only by his intellectual courage.

11. Tell us about your latest, greatest work? Where can we find it?) The Last Sunset, for sale in all the usual outlets. But coming to a screen near you one day, starring Kelly Macdonald.-

But we can dream.
Here are the links to Bob’s book.

Thanks so much Bob, for you great witt, and your wonderful work.

By Ruth Watson-Morris

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