Raising money for Cancer research!

Raising money for Cancer research!

AICR research the latest science in a cure for Cancer!
Funding is put forward for those with the best and newest research, in the hope that new technology and science will end this terrible illness.
50% donation for every copy you buy! More if the taxman is kind! Neither author will make profit only AICR!

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Raising money for Association for Cancer Research!

Why I chose to raise money for cancer Research:
My sister Aileen died of breast Cancer in 2006, it was shocking, a terrible blow to our whole family and she is to this day dearly missed.
Why I looked into AICR as a institute to donate to, they are looking into cutting edge research and also they have no boundaries.

Here is the website that shows everything they do.

What the website says about AICR:
What makes us different?
AICR is unique in that:
We have no geographical boundaries – we fund the best science, no matter where it takes place
With 2 funding rounds per year, we can react quickly to new developments
We do not employ scientists nor run labs. By not being encumbered by financial overheads we can maximise the funds going towards cancer research
As we are not tied to specific programmes, AICR has the freedom to support innovative research into less well funded areas of cancer
Projects are carried out in collaboration with top class institutions – this ensures that overheads are minimised and duplication avoided
All projects are peer reviewed by world experts in their field
AICR makes a point of inviting applications from recently qualified researchers, thus investing in the future of cancer research by allowing tomorrow’s leading researchers to establish themselves.

Mission: The Association for International Cancer Research (AICR) is an independent charity whose aim is to support fundamental research by eminent and promising scientists throughout the world, into the causes and prevention of cancer

Our emphasis is on basic, as opposed to clinical research. Although we will consider proposals in which a mixture of basic and clinical research is proposed, completely clinical applications, such as intervention studies, clinical trials or health care delivery research, are beyond the remit of AICR.

How the Money is Spent

Twice a year, in April and October, we invite research proposals from scientists around the world, working in the cancer field. Each of these is then sent to two independent experts for peer review.

Our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) comprises some of the world’s most eminent cancer researchers. Its members are unpaid and meet to evaluate the proposals and advise the Board on the most appropriate areas for support. Once the SAC has graded the proposals we fund as many as we can of those projects achieving the highest scores.

AICR emphasises the need for a flexible approach to funding, and is always examining new approaches to solving problems in cancer research. These projects often need preliminary results prior to seeking major funding. Such “pump priming” is an important part of AICR’s research expenditure.

Cancer is a worldwide problem, and the incidence of the different forms varies from country to country. A major aspect of AICR’s approach is to recognise the importance of international collaboration in studying these manifestations. AICR funds projects in many different countries, and encourages collaboration between individual recipients of grants.

In UK alone 1 in 3 people are going to be diagnosed with some sort of Cancer, without this research no cure will be found, no treatments will be given.
Maybe if we can fund people like these no-one will ever have to suffer the grief that this devastating illness causes.

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By Ruth Watson-Morris

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