Today’s Fabulous Friday Interview with Author Dianne Harman!

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RWM – “Welcome today a very popular author of one of my favourite books ‘Blue Coyote Hotel’ Dianne Harman.
Hello I am so pleased to finally get some time to talk to you Dianne; can you tell me please what is your current genre? What made you chose this subject?”

DH – “I’m going to answer these questions with my soon-to-be published book, Coyote in Provence. I have two other published books, Tea Party Teddy and Blue Coyote Motel.
It’s probably in the romantic suspense genre, although I find the whole genre thing frustrating.”

RWM – “Really you can’t tell when you’re reading your books, they are fabulous. What is your current book ‘Coyote Province’ about?

DH – “This is the sequel to Blue Coyote Motel and follows Maria in Provence where she falls in love with a handsome art theft detective from Los Angeles. She’s trying to stay under the radar, worried that the detective will discover that she’s wanted for murdering her husband in California.”

RWM – That sounds wonderful I can’t wait for the next instalment! Who is your favourite author? Can you recommend one of their books?”

DH – “Usually, whoever I’m reading at the moment. I recommend books constantly!”

RWM – “That’s a cool way to do things, so you have no one in particular that you will call favourite. I can honestly say that’s a great way to approach reading and writing. How long have you been writing?”

DH – “For real, under two years.”

RWM – That’s fabulous and your nearly on book 3, well done you must be constantly working. Okay, how about this question? What is one of your pet hates?”

DH – “Clothes hangers and hoses. They never stay where they’re supposed to!”

RWM – Ha-ha I have that problem with lots of things, pens and pencils in my house, I have loads in my handbag one minute and then come to use one, the have mysteriously vanished. Tell me a quality you really like about yourself?”

DH – “I’ve learned that what people say about something says far more about them than about me.”

RWM – “This is a fact of life I’m afraid there are a lot of people who are out to just score brownie points with who they believe are the right people. I have met a few of them, but as long as you are happy with the way things are Dianne other people’s opinions shouldn’t be that much of a worry. I too have met the ‘being honest’ even though I write the same genre as you people or say they like it but do nothing,” *Shrug*” there is nothing to do but ignore it! What do you hope to achieve in your life, from your writing?”

DH – “Provide people with an escape from “real life.”

RWM – “Yep, you have achieved that!  Tell us more about your book and why not tell us how we can find it! What is your favourite work? What is its link so people can buy it? Tell me about it and why you believe people should buy it?”

DH – “Blue Coyote Motel is probably my favourite because there are so many layers. I thought it was a thriller with a good love story. Goodreads picked it as the Psychological Thriller of the Month. It made it to the quarter finals in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award contest in the mystery/thriller category. It became a bestseller on Amazon. So many people asked me “what happened to Maria?” that I wrote Coyote in Provence and Coyote Comes Home.”

Here’s the link:

RWM – “Do you believe that big authors can charge too much for their eBooks?”

DH – “I find them all over the board. My husband just started a series and I realized he’s paying about three times what I normally spend on an eBook. I guess it’s like anything else, “what the market will bear.”

RWM – “ Tell me a little about yourself, what made you become an author and do you have a job besides writing?”

DH – “I’d always wanted to write but didn’t think I had the “necessary qualifications,” whatever those are. I read On Writing by Stephen King and it freed me to write. He says Just Do It and so I did! I’m fortunate that I’m at a place in my life where I can devote my time to writing. The kids are gone and I’m not working outside the home.”

Dianne you are a very interesting person and a fabulous author thanks so much for joining me here today.
May I wish you luck in the future and may your books sell in there millions. Well deserved.

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Magnificent Scottish Highlands author Bob Atkinson here today with this amazing interview!

Magnificent Scottish Highlands author Bob Atkinson here today with this amazing interview!

Hello and welcome to another Fab Friday Authors, this week we have a terrific author and very lovely friend of mine (I am proud to say).
Mr Bob Atkinson editor extraordinaire and author of my favourite novel, ‘The Last Sunset!’

RWM – “Hi Bob so can you tell me what your current genre is and what made you choose this subject?”

BA – “My novel “The Last Sunset” contains elements of the supernatural, science fiction and history. I enjoy reading books in these genres so I suppose I wrote the book I would most like to read.”

RWM – “Thank goodness you did, I have read this book 4 times now and as of yet have not found one to match it. Can you tell me about your current book or work about?”

BA -“The Last Sunset” is a romantic, time-travel adventure set primarily during the Scottish Jacobite rebellion of 1746. The story concerns a rag-tag group of unwitting time-travellers, who find themselves caught up in an eighteenth century massacre. Can they change the past and so avert a future nuclear holocaust?”

RWM- “It’s just so gripping, so tell us about your favourite author? Can you recommend one of their books?”

BA – “There are a number of excellent independently-published books available now. Some of them are as good as anything you’ll find on the high street. I’m also a huge fan of the late great Ray Bradbury. Some of his stories are perhaps a little dated now, but his prose remains unique. He was a wonderfully expressive writer. Any would-be author could do a lot worse for themselves than invest in a book of his short stories.”

RWM – “I will have to look up his work, I don’t mind dated. How long have you been writing?”

BA – “Most of my adult life. When I was in the army I would alleviate the boredom by writing poems and short stories. Some of the poems were published in books that have long passed out of print.”

RWM – “Here’s a difficult question for most people, can you tell us about one of your pet hates?”

BA – “I really dislike religious fundamentalists. Not just the kind who fly planes into buildings, but the teachers; the imams and priests who stunt the natural development of young, enquiring minds. Such people train children to believe that all of life’s answers can be found in one book. One book should barely contain all the questions posed by a healthy, inquisitive mind.”

RWM – “You should watch a film called ‘The book of Eli!’ I have no problem with religions myself, but do agree that some of the teachings are way too much, killing in the name of seems way over the top to me. So, tell me a quality you really like about yourself?”

BA – “I like the fact that I’ve never lost my sense of wonder. Whether it’s exploring old ruins, or breaking open rocks to find the remains of creatures that haven’t seen the light of day in millions of years, or simply gazing up at the night sky.
Our grandchildren live in Glasgow and recently they had the chance to see a starry sky here in the Highlands. At their first ever sight of the Milky Way all three said “Wow!” I knew at that moment a seed had been planted.
We also took them ghost hunting in the ruins of a thirteenth century castle, but that’s another story altogether.”

RWM – “LOL, that’s fabulous. I love taking my grandchildren off on adventures when I can, it’s just great to keep their little minds ticking, thinking of the wonders they have before them. Teaching them to appreciate all they have around them is very important. What do you hope to achieve in your life from your writing?”

BA – “Initially I just wanted to see my book in print. I think, like most writers, I wanted my work to be recognised. Certainly I get more pleasure reading a good review than from cashing any paycheque. Anyone who writes with the expectation of making a living out of it is likely to become seriously disillusioned.”

RWM – “I agree there are way too many choices now for readers; they can’t possibly read them all. Yes money isn’t everything and as you say the days of making a fortune in writing are perhaps a rarity or a privilege now. What is your favourite work? What is its link so that people can buy it? Tell me about it and why you believe people should buy it.

BA – “Two more novels are currently in the pipeline, but “The Last Sunset” will always be my favourite. As one reviewer said:-
“I was thrilled to find that the author has taken physically diminutive female characters and armed them with a feistiness that would make any Redcoat think twice! Overall, I would highly recommend this novel for all ages and both sexes, if you like action it’s there in bucket loads, if you have a soft spot for romance, it’s there too.”
The book is available from:- Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. It’s also for sale in paperback at a number of outlets in Fort William.”

RWM – So you heard it here fans of ‘The Last Sunset’ this is not the last we have heard of Bob Atkinson’s work, which I have to say made me smile. So tell me Bob, do you believe that big authors can charge too much for their books?

BA – “Perhaps they do, however I think it’s more a question of how little a customer has to pay for some of the wonderful independent titles that are available at present. It’s like football; there’s a huge disparity between the earnings in the premier league and those in the lower divisions. Yet there’s not that much difference in the quality of the product.”

RWM – “Mmm, again you make a good point, but people who write for themselves aren’t that bothered about what they make, just the numbers who buy them and without being Stephen King, people have to take our word we are good. I guess that’s why we sit waiting to be discovered and others just jump the queue, which is something our big publishing houses are excellent at doing. Tell me a little about yourself. What made you become an author, and do you have a job besides writing?”

BA – “I’m a 62 year old, retired, happily married father of three, and grandfather of three, who loves nothing better than to tramp the Highland hills. I live in an area that is not only stunningly beautiful, but is also incredibly rich in history. Within a twenty mile radius of here lie five historical battlefields. On many hilltops can be found the ruins of ancient forts that were built before the time of Christ.
Inhabited for thousands of years, many of the glens lie empty now cleared of people during the evictions of the 19th century.
In such places the past really does hang heavy.
I think “The Last Sunset” was my way of repopulating the empty glens; relighting the peat fires in the ruined houses, as it were.”

RWM – “Wow Bob you are a lucky man. Can I just finish by saying thanks so much for joining us here today and I am so grateful to have you as a friend. So here is the link for Bobs book on Amazon, it’s available in Paperback and on Kindle.”

This book has a whopping 24 reviews on UK’s amazon.

And 35 reviews in USA

Thanks once again Bob for your time, it has been a pleasure to talk to you today.

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Fab Friday author Diane Major is in the house!

RWM – “Hello Diane, it’s so wonderful to have you here with us tonight, can you please tell me, what is your current genre? What made you chose this subject?”
DM – “My current genre is science fiction. All of my books are in the fantasy adventure field and when I began writing ‘A Very Complicated Molecule’ it started purely as fantasy adventure then as usual my original plot was overtaken by my imagination (I smile!)”
RWM – “Ha-ha, it’s unavoidable, but the Sci-Fi side of your work makes it all the more interesting, as one of your biggest fans, would you tell me what your current book or work is about?”
DM –“When a being wakes up with no knowledge of whom it is, where it is, or how it arrived at its destination, this story begins to unravel. This being has been an unfortunate victim of a gang incident in London and its lover hopes to save its life, but will they both have to pay a price…
The book is set in 2043 with a storyline that includes murder, love, a gang, aliens and the Police!”
RWM – “That is sounding a little different for you, can’t wait! Who is your favourite author? Can you recommend one of their books?”
DM – “Ouch! Now this is a difficult one. Never did quite get over Dean Koontz’s book ‘The Watchers’ and loved John Ajvide Lindqvist’s ‘Let the Right One In.’ To be honest I am more about single books than authors. More recently I have read a lot of Self Published books and regardless of what is said there are some brilliant stories, in reality no different to the good and bad books published traditionally. With that in mind here are a handful of very good self-published books out of the many I have read:
Everyone Burns by John Dolan
The Last Sunset by Bob Atkinson
Foxy Lady by Rags Daniels
Price of a Bounty by S L Wallace
Like I say these are only a few of the many which includes your own ‘In Search of the Dragons.”
RWM – “Agreed there are a lot of fabulous new talent come into play now people have caught on to SP. Changing the subject a little now tell us, what is one of your pet hates?”
DM – “I hate being bored! Gotta keep busy!”
RWM – “Tell me a quality you really like about yourself?”
DM – “Ouch! Don’t like talking about myself. Probably my best quality is that I try to support people to progress and move on.”
RWM – “That I can definitely agree with, you have been a great support to me throughout my career as an author. What do you hope to achieve in your life, from your writing?”
DM – “That people can escape into one of my books for as long as it takes them to read one.”
RWM – “Sell your book!
What is your favourite work?”
DM – “Mmm probably ‘I am Nine’ although that is likely to be based on feedback.

As people across the world die from some incurable disease, Naomi a five year old girl who lives in England is torn from her parents. Naomi finds herself alone, growing up on a ship with strangers as she journeys across the sea into a new and very different future on the American coast. A future where a pack of great vicious dogs as well as cannibals roam the land…..

Rather than me trying to explain why this book is worth reading, suffice to say it is both my mother and eldest daughter’s favourite. This is the latest review:
I loved this book. ‘I am Nine’ is a dystopian novel, written in a simple, almost child-like voice, with very little dialogue. It is fast-paced and compelling. Unlike most kindle books I’ve read, I can honestly say I didn’t skim a single word. I was spellbound throughout, waiting to find out what would happen next as the young narrator, Naomi went from a happy, ordinary family life, to a post-apocalyptic’ world containing ferocious dogs and vicious cannibals. This is a great read, and I highly recommend it and look forward to reading more books by this author.”
RWM – “Do you believe that big authors can charge too much for their eBooks?”
DM – “Some do.”
RWM – Short answer but yes think that says it all really. Tell me a little about yourself, what made you become an author and do you have a job besides writing?”
DM – “As a child, I wanted to write books and actually did complete one. The adventure story filled a small notebook which I kept under my bed. My mother can still remember my efforts even though that work is long gone. As is the case for so many people, life became complicated and writing was added to my list of things to do. I never fulfilled my ambition until one day in 2009 I had an idea for a book. From 2009 I worked full time and wrote whenever the opportunity came along to do so. It took me two years to write, ‘Children of Fury’ and at the same completed, ‘I am Nine.” Both books were published in late 2011. Since then I have published several books for adults, young adults and children. My unpaid jobs now include, babysitting, walking dogs, gardening and fundraising for a local charity.”

RWM – “Thank you so much Diane for speaking to me, you really are a Fab Friday author, I am so pleased you took the time to be here.”

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Meet this weeks Friday Fab Author Maer Wilson!

Today’s interview is with Author Maer Wilson
RWM – “Hello Maer, it’s wonderful that you took time out to day to talk to me so, what is your current genre? What made you chose this subject?”
MW – “Ghost Memory” is a Paranormal Mystery. However, The Thulukan Chronicles, the series it belongs to, is Urban Fantasy/Paranormal. Since this is a prequel set before magic actually returns to Earth in Relics, it’s pretty firmly Paranormal, without the Fantasy elements.
RWM – “That sounds wonderful, what an interesting subject to write about, tell me, what is your current book or work about?”
MW – “This short story takes place about five years prior to Relics, when Thulu and La Fi are still in college. It involves them taking the case of an amnesiac ghost to find missing money.”
RWM – “Sounds well worth a read can you tell us who your favourite author is? Can you recommend one of their books?”
MW – “There’s no way I have one favourite. LOL.
I’ve read literally hundreds of authors and thousands of books and can barely narrow it to a top 10 list.  Even that is tough to do, but I can give you two of my Top 10, in no particular order. I adore GRR Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” series and JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. And nope, I can’t narrow either of those series to one particular book. ”
RWM – “Yes I have a similar problem, love both of these authors as well and agree the books are just fantastic. So, how long have you been writing?”
MW – “I was writing character bios for ages when I was onstage, so from that aspect, I’ve been writing for many years. I tried my hand at a play about 12 years ago, but it was awful. I turned it into a much better screenplay about 5 years later. I started writing my first novel in 2010, which was published in May, 2013.”
RWM – “Wow, it’s amazing just how long it can take a writer to be satisfied that their work is readable isn’t it? Well done for finally bringing your work to light, I have to say it is really good. Can you tell me what one of your pet hates are?”
MW – “LOL People who don’t answer/acknowledge they received emails. And, as you know, that’s pretty much the norm in this industry. But yeah, it drives me nuts, wondering if my email is lost when I don’t at least get a “received” message in return.”
RWM – “Yes I get that completely, it is so frustrating. Tell me a quality you really like about yourself?”
MW – “I’m willing to help others. I believe in spreading about good karma.”
RWM – “That really is a good way to be in this industry, people need all the help they can get and people who help spread the word are like Gold. What do you hope to achieve in your life, from your writing?”
MW – “I’d like to see people enjoying my books and stories. I’ve been told that they’d make a great TV series and that would be cool, too.”
RWM – “ That would be fabulous, I’d definitely want to watch that! So now why not sell your book!”
MW – “La Fi is not having a normal day. She broke someone’s nose, embarrassed her fiancé, Thulu, and now a dead guy is on her doorstep. Although seeing the dead is not unusual for the young medium, since she and Thulu regularly deal with the supernatural. Thulu can find anything that’s lost and the amnesiac ghost is missing money, along with his memory.
Peter Swanson used to stash money throughout his San Francisco home. Now he can’t remember his hiding places, and his aging partner needs the money. That’s not normally a problem for Thulu, but some of the money is missing from the house. Thulu and La Fi must broaden the search for cash long gone, and that could prove tricky in more ways than one.
“Ghost Memory” is A Thulukan Chronicles Story set in the Relics universe. Bonus Material includes Chapter 1 from the novel Relics, Book 1 of The Thulukan Chronicles.

What is your favourite work? What is its link so people can buy it? Tell me about it and why you believe people should buy it?

“Ghost Memory” is my most recent and can be found at Amazon on Kindle: and at Smashwords: in various formats.
I think the short story is a good taste of what’s to come in Relics. It even includes Chapter 1 from Relics. It think it’s a fun introduction to the Thulukan Chronicles.”
RWM – “Thank you so much Maer, they sound like a great series. Do you believe that big authors can charge too much for their eBooks?”
MW – “Well, the authors aren’t the ones actually setting those prices. The publishers set the prices. Also, it depends on how you define “too much.” What I might consider expensive, someone else might not blink an eye at or vice versa. But would I like to see the prices come down? Absolutely. At the same time, I’ve seen expensive books do very well, so I doubt prices will actually come down any time soon.”
RWM – “Tell me a little about yourself, what made you become an author and do you have a job besides writing?”
MW – “I teach Theatre for a local college part-time. Getting into the novel, characters and series started as a lark and I’m just enjoying the world so much, I’m going to keep writing it.”
RWM – “Thanks so much for the interview Maer it has been a pleasure to meet you and I am so excited about reading more of your work.”
MW – “Thanks for a fun interview, Ruth!”
Maer is running a fabulous competition, just follow the link and take a look at what’s on offer from this fabulous author!

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Cover Competition! Win a Kindle gift version of Fantacia!!!!

I am one of the worst people at deciding which is better, so here we go, ‘blast from the past’ is out, but is this cover more popular than my fabulous digital art covers?
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think, I will chose the best ‘because’ and send you a FREE gift of Fantacia in your chosen favourite cover!

Option 1 'Blast' by Sean Lee

Option 1
‘Blast’ by Sean Lee

Or Perhaps like me you love the digital world…
Option2 by Shannon McRoberts
Or Option 2
By Shannon McRoberts
The competition will remain open until September 1st, 2013…

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Here’s some exciting news!

I have put Fantacia back to her former glory! Here for you in a special edition with the poem and a free first chapter of Orion!
Fantacia  4th - 8th FREE

UK link:
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By Ruth Watson-Morris

I am so pleased to welcome our FABULOUS Simon O’Kill Author extrordinare!

Simon O’Kill’s interview FFA
RWM – “Today I am talking to a fabulous man, the wonderful author of the very strange and very funny ‘No-one loves a bigfoot like a bigfoot babe,’ Mr Simon O’Kill.
SO- “Hello Ruth and thanks for having me over. Must say I am a little jet-lagged.”
RWM- “Sounds like you have been away somewhere nice, must have a chat about that sometime soon. So, what is your current genre? What made you chose this subject?”
SO- “Paranormal romance from the point of view of reincarnation. Reincarnation has always attracted me as it implies immortality.”
RWM – “What is your current book or work about?”
SO – “Luna Sanguis drags the reader by the scruff of the neck and takes them on a hell ride as a vampire – they will taste blood, feel fear, terror, lust, craving and above all hope for love everlasting.”
RWM – “Wow Simon, that sounds terrifying, how exciting – Who is your favourite author? Can you recommend one of their books?”
SO – “Stephen King, the old chestnut. Salem’s Lot hooked me fang deep into the world of the vampire with its family values fighting monstrous evil all through the eyes of an author. So many of SK’s books involve life as an author.”
RWM – “Yes I have to admit to having a soft spot for Stephen King myself. Can you tell me how long have you been writing?”
SO – “I have been dabbling for many years, but not until I was disabled did I have the time to devote to it seriously. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not?”
RWM – “Being disabled myself; I certainly know where you’re coming from there. Just wondering if you have any pet hates?”
SO – “My pet hates being ignored. Oh, you mean me? I guess being ignored by all those readers out there who will never discover my work.”
RWM – “LOL there are people who haven’t read your book? Wow they are crazy, it can’t be possible! I am sure sales will keep going strong for Bigfoot and your new book. Tell me a quality you really like about yourself?”
SO – “I am still writing! I have learned not to give up.”
RWM- Determination and skill is the name of the game, I am so pleased that you are sticking around, life would be pretty sad without you or your work. What do you hope to achieve in your life, from your writing?”
SO – “If one day Stephen King gave me a great review I would be happy.”
RWM – “Now that would be fabulous, although I have not seen a list of Stephen King’s favourite novels, it would be good to see what he does like. LOL Definitely not Stephanie Meyer, he makes that very clear. Okay Simon, sell your book by perhaps letting us know your favourite or latest work? What is its link so people can buy it? Tell me about it and why you believe people should buy it?”
SO – “As my Bigfoot book was the first to be published by an Indie publisher it kinda stole my heart – but now that I have self published Luna Sanguis, I realise that was puppy love. Luna Sanguis is all about me in a more colourful way. I mean, if I went around drinking people’s blood, well you can guess the rest. But it is all about the effects PTSD has on the mind. It takes the reader inside a vampire’s head who cannot remember who they are, where they are, what has happened. So the reader will at first be confused, forgetful and may even be a little pissed off – but read on and slowly the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle meld together to create a rich tale of vampiric beauty. Above all it is a mystery that will trick the reader until the last page of book two – Luna Aeturnus. Due out in August.”
Buy Links: us uk smash
Simon's Brand new Novel Lunasanguis

RWM – “Do you believe that big authors can charge too much for their eBooks?”
SO – “Well, it’s the greedy publishers that charge over-priced books. But fans will always pay for their fix.”
RWM- “Mmm, yes I can agree with that, tell me a little about yourself, what made you become an author and do you have a job besides writing?”
SO – “I was injured during work. I didn’t get any compensation – this is the UK where big corporations rule the courts as the Royals did centuries ago. Since I was left disabled and pensioned off, I decided to give writing my best shot.”
RWM – “That is such a shame; yes UK doesn’t seem to be very good with personal injury claims does it? It’s sad that you were injured, but also it has given other people opportunity to read your fabulous books. I have to say I has been wonderful talking to you today Simon and thanks so much for being a guest on Friday’s Fab Authors, you really are a treat to meet.”
SO – “You are most welcome Ruth. Loved every minute.”

By Ruth Watson-Morris