Meet this weeks Friday Fab Author Maer Wilson!

Today’s interview is with Author Maer Wilson
RWM – “Hello Maer, it’s wonderful that you took time out to day to talk to me so, what is your current genre? What made you chose this subject?”
MW – “Ghost Memory” is a Paranormal Mystery. However, The Thulukan Chronicles, the series it belongs to, is Urban Fantasy/Paranormal. Since this is a prequel set before magic actually returns to Earth in Relics, it’s pretty firmly Paranormal, without the Fantasy elements.
RWM – “That sounds wonderful, what an interesting subject to write about, tell me, what is your current book or work about?”
MW – “This short story takes place about five years prior to Relics, when Thulu and La Fi are still in college. It involves them taking the case of an amnesiac ghost to find missing money.”
RWM – “Sounds well worth a read can you tell us who your favourite author is? Can you recommend one of their books?”
MW – “There’s no way I have one favourite. LOL.
I’ve read literally hundreds of authors and thousands of books and can barely narrow it to a top 10 list.  Even that is tough to do, but I can give you two of my Top 10, in no particular order. I adore GRR Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” series and JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. And nope, I can’t narrow either of those series to one particular book. ”
RWM – “Yes I have a similar problem, love both of these authors as well and agree the books are just fantastic. So, how long have you been writing?”
MW – “I was writing character bios for ages when I was onstage, so from that aspect, I’ve been writing for many years. I tried my hand at a play about 12 years ago, but it was awful. I turned it into a much better screenplay about 5 years later. I started writing my first novel in 2010, which was published in May, 2013.”
RWM – “Wow, it’s amazing just how long it can take a writer to be satisfied that their work is readable isn’t it? Well done for finally bringing your work to light, I have to say it is really good. Can you tell me what one of your pet hates are?”
MW – “LOL People who don’t answer/acknowledge they received emails. And, as you know, that’s pretty much the norm in this industry. But yeah, it drives me nuts, wondering if my email is lost when I don’t at least get a “received” message in return.”
RWM – “Yes I get that completely, it is so frustrating. Tell me a quality you really like about yourself?”
MW – “I’m willing to help others. I believe in spreading about good karma.”
RWM – “That really is a good way to be in this industry, people need all the help they can get and people who help spread the word are like Gold. What do you hope to achieve in your life, from your writing?”
MW – “I’d like to see people enjoying my books and stories. I’ve been told that they’d make a great TV series and that would be cool, too.”
RWM – “ That would be fabulous, I’d definitely want to watch that! So now why not sell your book!”
MW – “La Fi is not having a normal day. She broke someone’s nose, embarrassed her fiancé, Thulu, and now a dead guy is on her doorstep. Although seeing the dead is not unusual for the young medium, since she and Thulu regularly deal with the supernatural. Thulu can find anything that’s lost and the amnesiac ghost is missing money, along with his memory.
Peter Swanson used to stash money throughout his San Francisco home. Now he can’t remember his hiding places, and his aging partner needs the money. That’s not normally a problem for Thulu, but some of the money is missing from the house. Thulu and La Fi must broaden the search for cash long gone, and that could prove tricky in more ways than one.
“Ghost Memory” is A Thulukan Chronicles Story set in the Relics universe. Bonus Material includes Chapter 1 from the novel Relics, Book 1 of The Thulukan Chronicles.

What is your favourite work? What is its link so people can buy it? Tell me about it and why you believe people should buy it?

“Ghost Memory” is my most recent and can be found at Amazon on Kindle: and at Smashwords: in various formats.
I think the short story is a good taste of what’s to come in Relics. It even includes Chapter 1 from Relics. It think it’s a fun introduction to the Thulukan Chronicles.”
RWM – “Thank you so much Maer, they sound like a great series. Do you believe that big authors can charge too much for their eBooks?”
MW – “Well, the authors aren’t the ones actually setting those prices. The publishers set the prices. Also, it depends on how you define “too much.” What I might consider expensive, someone else might not blink an eye at or vice versa. But would I like to see the prices come down? Absolutely. At the same time, I’ve seen expensive books do very well, so I doubt prices will actually come down any time soon.”
RWM – “Tell me a little about yourself, what made you become an author and do you have a job besides writing?”
MW – “I teach Theatre for a local college part-time. Getting into the novel, characters and series started as a lark and I’m just enjoying the world so much, I’m going to keep writing it.”
RWM – “Thanks so much for the interview Maer it has been a pleasure to meet you and I am so excited about reading more of your work.”
MW – “Thanks for a fun interview, Ruth!”
Maer is running a fabulous competition, just follow the link and take a look at what’s on offer from this fabulous author!

By Ruth Watson-Morris

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