Today’s Fabulous Friday Interview with Author Dianne Harman!

Dianne Author Pic

RWM – “Welcome today a very popular author of one of my favourite books ‘Blue Coyote Hotel’ Dianne Harman.
Hello I am so pleased to finally get some time to talk to you Dianne; can you tell me please what is your current genre? What made you chose this subject?”

DH – “I’m going to answer these questions with my soon-to-be published book, Coyote in Provence. I have two other published books, Tea Party Teddy and Blue Coyote Motel.
It’s probably in the romantic suspense genre, although I find the whole genre thing frustrating.”

RWM – “Really you can’t tell when you’re reading your books, they are fabulous. What is your current book ‘Coyote Province’ about?

DH – “This is the sequel to Blue Coyote Motel and follows Maria in Provence where she falls in love with a handsome art theft detective from Los Angeles. She’s trying to stay under the radar, worried that the detective will discover that she’s wanted for murdering her husband in California.”

RWM – That sounds wonderful I can’t wait for the next instalment! Who is your favourite author? Can you recommend one of their books?”

DH – “Usually, whoever I’m reading at the moment. I recommend books constantly!”

RWM – “That’s a cool way to do things, so you have no one in particular that you will call favourite. I can honestly say that’s a great way to approach reading and writing. How long have you been writing?”

DH – “For real, under two years.”

RWM – That’s fabulous and your nearly on book 3, well done you must be constantly working. Okay, how about this question? What is one of your pet hates?”

DH – “Clothes hangers and hoses. They never stay where they’re supposed to!”

RWM – Ha-ha I have that problem with lots of things, pens and pencils in my house, I have loads in my handbag one minute and then come to use one, the have mysteriously vanished. Tell me a quality you really like about yourself?”

DH – “I’ve learned that what people say about something says far more about them than about me.”

RWM – “This is a fact of life I’m afraid there are a lot of people who are out to just score brownie points with who they believe are the right people. I have met a few of them, but as long as you are happy with the way things are Dianne other people’s opinions shouldn’t be that much of a worry. I too have met the ‘being honest’ even though I write the same genre as you people or say they like it but do nothing,” *Shrug*” there is nothing to do but ignore it! What do you hope to achieve in your life, from your writing?”

DH – “Provide people with an escape from “real life.”

RWM – “Yep, you have achieved that!  Tell us more about your book and why not tell us how we can find it! What is your favourite work? What is its link so people can buy it? Tell me about it and why you believe people should buy it?”

DH – “Blue Coyote Motel is probably my favourite because there are so many layers. I thought it was a thriller with a good love story. Goodreads picked it as the Psychological Thriller of the Month. It made it to the quarter finals in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award contest in the mystery/thriller category. It became a bestseller on Amazon. So many people asked me “what happened to Maria?” that I wrote Coyote in Provence and Coyote Comes Home.”

Here’s the link:

RWM – “Do you believe that big authors can charge too much for their eBooks?”

DH – “I find them all over the board. My husband just started a series and I realized he’s paying about three times what I normally spend on an eBook. I guess it’s like anything else, “what the market will bear.”

RWM – “ Tell me a little about yourself, what made you become an author and do you have a job besides writing?”

DH – “I’d always wanted to write but didn’t think I had the “necessary qualifications,” whatever those are. I read On Writing by Stephen King and it freed me to write. He says Just Do It and so I did! I’m fortunate that I’m at a place in my life where I can devote my time to writing. The kids are gone and I’m not working outside the home.”

Dianne you are a very interesting person and a fabulous author thanks so much for joining me here today.
May I wish you luck in the future and may your books sell in there millions. Well deserved.

By Ruth Watson-Morris

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