Lucy Pireel is in the FFA spot light! On Spooky Friday 13th! Are your Scared? LOL

Lucy Pireel Interview Author Picture

RWM- “Hello to everyone on this wonderful Friday 13th! Today we have with us the lovely author Lucy Pireel.
Hi Lucy, hope you are feeling on top of the world today, so what is your current genre? What made you chose this subject?”

LP – “Horror/ suspense/thriller. Why? I like to be scared and dark stories seem to be easier to write.” 🙂

RWM – “That’s brilliant, so we can expect a lot of scary stories then? I like the scary stuff myself so what is your current book or work about?”

LP – “I’m working on a collection of short stories. All on the dark side of human nature. Or supernatural, a bad genie escaping from her bottle, a ghost haunting, a zombie craving his wife, a demon loosing his sanity, a pseudo scientist testing a theory, a woman gets her wish granted but does it work out the way she hoped? And someone closes a deal to win a race.
But I’m also in the process of finishing my novel. You’ll be surprised at the origins of vampire and werewolf when that will be published.” 🙂

RWM – “Wow that sounds like some fascinating research, who is your favourite author? Can you recommend one of their books?”

LP – “You know? That is a question I always struggle with. I like so many different authors and not one of them is my favourite. But for the sake of giving you an answer I’ll say. Milan Kundera, just because I love his Unbearable Lightness of Being and his quote, “There is no perfection, only life.”

RWM – you sound like a deep thinker, how long have you been writing?”

LP – “A very long time, but only thought about publishing when one of my sci-fi stories got accepted by Isotropic Fiction.”

RWM – “I am sure there are a lot of readers out there that are very pleased you did. What is one of your pet hates?”

LP – “Ha! I do not do hate. 🙂 What I do not like is people who assume without giving someone a chance to explain themselves.”

RWM – There are a lot of hot heads out there I am sure, some people dislike critisms, I take it with a pinch of salt usually unless there is something someone is trying to get from it. Like people who are trying to rate work with low star rated reviews because they write the same genre! It just looks bad on them don’t you think? Tell me a quality you really like about yourself?”

LP – “I am basically what you see is what you get. Which is also my weakness, because I tell it like it is, and not everyone can deal with honesty.”

RWM – “I am similar, but think there is a point where people cannot cope with such honesty, then I would consider if I should or should not say what I wanted to in the first place. LOL, but I guess that’s where my Psych degree kicks in.  What do you hope to achieve in your life, from your writing?”

LP- “In my life? To be happy and make others happy, even if that means you have to hurt them initially. You know what I mean? When you have to be open a wound to drain evil out, only to become healthy.”
From my writing? That people pick up my work and have a good time reading it. (Of course I secretly hope to one day be able to completely live off my writing.”

RWM – “ can you give me some information about how we can get your work? Sell your book!”

LP – “Erm, eh … *clears throat, fiddles with her pen, wiggles in her seat* Right … *clears throat again* You know I’m not really a person who feels comfortable telling people how great a book I have got. (books really) I feel very comfortable doing it for others, but that whole “Buy my book!” frenzy most authors seem to be caught up in isn’t my thing. I love it when others spread the word about my stuff, but plugging myself? I can tell the readers that they can be sure there are no spelling, grammar and other errors in my work, since I hire a professional, top of the range editor to make sure all I have missed is cleared up before publishing. And I have enough different beta-readers to test if what I write is actually worth reading. If only one tells me it’s not cutting it, it won’t be published. But then again, you can’t please everyone. Hence the one person who thought it necessary to post a 1 star review on my erotica novella, it balances the 5 star reviews out, and it shows the reviews are from real readers and not friends and family who support an author.

RWM – “What is your favourite work?”

LP -“Let me think on that one. Done! All of them. 🙂 I like Red Gone Bad, because I love fairy tales, but not the Disney ones. No my fairy tales are more how they originally were told, dark and gruesome.
Bound, because Eros plays a big part in my life. 🙂
And Heaven’s Closed, because on of the stories in that one won a contest.
What is its link so people can buy it?”
Red Gone Bad
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Lucy Pireel interview Book cover

LP – “That links back to the plugging of my work. People should make that decision for themselves. Read the preview, or the blurb and if you like fairy tales that are not sugar sweet, you might just like Red Gone Bad.”

RWM – “Do you believe that big authors can charge too much for their eBooks?”

LP – “What is too much? I believe if a book brings great reading pleasure a higher price is worth it, but if a big name writes a crap book it is self-evident no reader will fork out another penny (or cent depending on where they are) for the next book by that author. So, yes even a big name can charge too much. But really most big names are traditionally published and have little to nothing to say about the price of their books. It’s the publisher who sets the price and they need to earn big time, so they charge big bucks for books.”

RWM – “Tell me a little about yourself, what made you become an author and do you have a job besides writing?”
LP – “I’ve been making up stories ever since I started to talk. 🙂 But seriously? When my son got bored with kid pirate stories and he wanted real pirate stories where things happened I began to write those for him. But they grew more adult with every new installment. Then I took on fairy tales, but those weren’t really for the very young either and I decided to self-publish them. (Self because when my zombie and sci-fi shorts were traditionally published and I got a very small amount of royalties I thought I could better do it myself and keep all the gains.)
Besides being an author I’m also a yoga instructor. (I’ll be teaching classes in France next year and look forward to being in the Dordogne at the beautiful Manoir de Gurson).”

RWM – “Lucy it’s been an absolute pleasure to meet you, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today.
I wish you success and love and luck with your work.”

By Ruth Watson-Morris

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