Wednesday’s just got interesting! Welcome one and all to the Wednesday’s wonderful world of authors! Try saying that after a few pints!!!

Welcome one and all to the first Fab Wednesday author interview and who better to start off the Wednesday fun than our fabulous author of children’s series ‘Cecilia Spark’! Please give a massive welcome to Ngaire Elder!!!!!!

Fiesta time

Fiesta time

RWM – “Hello, hello Ngaire and a very big welcome to the Vox blog, I am so pleased to have you hear with us all today! Can you please tell us about your current genre and what made you chose to write children’s books?”

NE – “I write for children in the juvenile fiction category, aged 5-8/9 years-of-age. I think this age group is at such a magical stage in their life for discovering books, and defining their reading habits and genre. I love the step children take towards beginning to read by themselves. Having 4 children I was a major part of their ‘reading-with-mum-to-reading-on-their-own’ transition. The books we read were amazing and I think I was captured by the juvenile fiction category … it seemed a natural place to start my writing.”

RWM – “I love reading to my grandchildren, they love your books, you certainly have a way of making their reading experiences wonderful. Are you working on a current book?”

NE – “I have 2 projects on the go.
The first is book 3 of my children’s series – ‘The Adventures of Cecilia Spark’. It will be called ‘Dragon’s Star’, thanks to one of my fans who convinced me to stick with that title!
Book 3 takes a fantastical, mystic turn with wonderful new characters and creatures, and it will be published winter 2013, so watch this space.
The second work-in-progress is an A-Z rhyming picture book. My daughter has done the illustrations for this book and they are magnificent. This book which will be published as an eBook and paperback should be out in the wintertime.
I am really excited about this project, working with my daughter was wonderful and we had many a laugh! Also, in the paperback edition there will be a ‘Field Note’ section which the children can use to record details of any animal, fish, bird or plant that they encounter whilst out and about, kind of like a nature-diary!
Furthermore, I am keen to experiment with some adult writing and have pencilled some ideas for an adult short story. My first adult short was published under a pseudonymous name of Claire Appleseed in the anthology ‘Reality Bites’. Why, the name change …? Well, I didn’t want any genre mix-up!

Reality Bites UK Amazon link –

Reality Bites US Amazon link –

Reality Bites

Reality Bites

RWM – “Well that was news, I kept looking at reality bites but will definitely give it a read now I know one of my favourite authors have written it. My grandchildren are waiting with bated breath to find out what Cecilia gets up to now, they are very excited about ‘Dragon’s Star.’ So tell us who your favourite author is? Can you recommend one of their books?”

NE – “Oh, my goodness, my favourite author, jings – I have 2 or 3 favourite authors can I mention all of them …?
On the Indie Published bookshelf I favour the likes of Mary Ann Bernal, especially her novel The Briton and the Dane: Concordia. Wow, that book is incredible; subtle historical references weaved in to this romance, beautifully written. Adult, contemporary writer, Mark Barry, is another of my favourites. He writes for no particular genre, but can proficiently ‘jump’ from dark romance to thriller to sport fiction. My favourite novel of Mark Barry’s, gosh this is hard, it is either Carla or Hollywood Shakedown … I can’t choose between them!
For the traditionally published authors I’m loving Ernest Hemingway at the moment and have just finished The Sun Also Rises; simply wonderful writing.”

RWM – “That’s cool, I too have a few of Mark Barry’s books Hollywood Shakedown is fab! How long have you been writing?”

NE – “I have been writing officially for about 5 years.”

RWM – That’s quite new for some of the writers I interview have been dabbling for ages, some even into childhood. It’s good to have fresh faces in the world of writing; new talent is always a welcome new addition as far as I am concerned. What is one of your pet hates?”

NE – “Jings, a pet hate, let me see … selfish people!”

RWM – “There are a lot of them in this industry… but I tend to ignore them and just concentrate on those who deserve help and love. Tell me a quality you really like about yourself?”

NE – “I like the fact that I love to help other Indie authors. I enjoy promoting and sharing their new releases, interviews, reviews etc. gives me great satisfaction.”

RWM – “I can only whole heartedly agree with you, “Everyone deserves a chance at success” a quote from a wonderful friend of mine who taught me psychology many moons ago. What do you hope to achieve in your life, from your writing?”

NE – “I would like to encourage children to read and write and to enjoy it. I would like to inspire children to explore the great outdoors more; using their imagination and having a fantastic time whilst doing so.”

RWM – “That’s a lovely way to be, I do love children being free to explore this fantastical world and I believe you have achieved such an exciting place for them, my Grandson Ryan and granddaughter Emma definitely love Ceclia very much. Can you please tell us where we can find your book? What is your favourite work? What is its link so people can buy it?

NE – “My favourite work so far is Book 2 in my children’s series – The Mystical Mountains of Terra. The protagonist’s character is more developed and the reader will get to know Cecilia Spark better. Also, the story touches upon important issues such as emotions, trust, and friendship.
Here is the book blurb for MMT –
‘The beast was coming … Cecilia kept running … she heard the fearsome beating of Pyrbrok’s immense wings and thudding behind her …’
A race against time. Good versus evil. The Sceptre of Malvado is at risk of falling into the wrong hands, and Soldier’s fate depends on its recovery. Can Cecilia and Soldier find the sceptre before the total eclipse of the sun, or will someone else beat them to it?
Another gripping adventure for Cecilia Spark, with lots of thrills and spills along the way.
Book 2 is available in eBook format for Kindle and paperback. I prefer paperbacks for children of this age and so I share that link” –



Cecilia Spark

Cecilia Spark

RWM – “Do you believe that big authors can charge too much for their eBooks?”

NE – “Yes, I do. But I don’t think it is just the ‘BIG’ authors that charge over the odds for their eBooks. I know what it costs to publish an eBook compared with a paperback, therefore, when I see an eBook the same price as a paperback, I will buy the paperback (also my preferred choice, old fashioned, I know!)”.

RWM – “I tend to buy paperbacks, eBooks are just not my thing either, but sometimes I get frustrated because some of my favourites are only on eBook! What’s that all about? Authors need to have more faith in themselves sometimes and go the full works!!!!  Tell me a little about yourself, what made you become an author and do you have a job besides writing?”

NE – “I was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, where I spent most of my childhood playing with my brother and my imaginary friends. As a child, I wrote plays, just for fun, but it would be years before my first book was ultimately published.
After college and university, I embarked on a career in the health and safety sector. As a Health and Safety Advisor, I was instrumental in implementing health and safety laws in the workplace. After meeting my husband, I chose a new occupation, and became a full-time wife and mother.
In the past decade, I have managed to balance a writing career and family commitments. I have participated in reading events at primary schools in County Derry, Northern Ireland, and have taught English to young children participating in the Spanish school system’s extracurricular activity programme. I have been interviewed extensively by European and American bloggers, and my work has been featured in Indie Author News, British Indie Fiction, and the Coleraine Times.
I am a passionate supporter of horse rescue, having volunteered in a rescue centre in southern Spain. I am actively involved in fund raisers supporting not only local rescue centres, but also for international programs, such as saving the wild mustangs in the Pryor Mountain range in Montana.”

RWM – “It’s good to know such a lovely person. Thank you so much Ngaire for taking the time to talk to me this morning, I feel very privileged and happy to have met you.
Okay folks! Here are some links to Ngaire’s website and other contacts for you to ask her more questions about her fabulous work.”



Twitter – @NgaireInfo

By Ruth Watson-Morris

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