Welcome to Fab Friday Author spot, today we have a fabulous author of the chinese thrillers In the Shadow of the Dragon & Dragon (Book 2) Francis Laveaux!



RWM – “Hello Francis and welcome to Fab Friday’s, it’s great that you came to share some time with us today to talk about you and your writing. What made you chose the subject you write about?”

FL – “I lived several years in China, when I was younger. I have kept a good memory, even if I was not fooled by the regime and its hardness. I started to write “In the Shadow of the Dragon” long ago, but it was lying in a drawer. An element that has motivated me was the murder of a Chinese friend by Beijing police in January 2008. Originally, I wanted to pay tribute to my friend, but gradually as I developed my book, it became quite different.”

RWM – “Wow that’s so intriguing, it must have been hard to cope with your friends murder, I am so impressed with In the Shadow, I love researching both the Chinese and the Japanese cultures. Please can you tell me about your current book you are working on or are your title/s out and being read?”

FL – “In the Shadow of the Dragon” originally had another title in the French version. It has three parts which only two have been published. I am currently waiting for the replay of the third party in English simultaneously publish this last part in French and English.”

RWM – “I am so pleased there is more to come from this series. If you had a million pounds what would you do with it?”

FL – “One million pounds is a nice sum! I do not really know, because it seems so unreal. I certainly would quit my current job and I dedicate myself completely to writing, because I have a lot of book projects in several areas of fiction.”

RWM “I keep looking at a bungalow on the borders of Scotland, not sure if my joints could take the cold for very long there, but I do love it so much, my million would go on that amongst other things. LOL! How do you cope with marketing and selling your work, do you get a lot of support from others?”

FL – “Marketing is something difficult. Being an independent writer is challenging because you have to do everything yourself, but at the same time, it is absolutely exhilarating. The hardest part is to make known to his re sells books, and in attracting readership.”

RWM – “I agree, it’s hard work but I love it, every sale brings a smile to my face. It is hard to become known in this business, we have a lot of competition, but I really enjoy my work. I am not someone who gives in easily and supports anyone who does the same. Do you write a series? What made you think of your story?”

FL – “I wrote a big novel, then a colleague of our ASMSG group of writers suggested I cut it into several parts. I found the idea interesting and so it became a series.
I do not have a well-defined method to write. Often, it is a general idea, I imagine the scenario in my head, and then I start writing by hand, in a Moleskine notebook. Then I take the computer and continue directly on the PC. I am also inspired by what is happening around me, I do research on the internet, but I seek advice to my companion.
I’m also experimenting with a new method. I wrote when I was walking through the streets of Agen and Pau also observing what was happening around me. The result is quite surprising. It allowed me to write a short story I am currently typing and correcting.”

RWM – “That’s something I look forward to seeing, tell me what you really like about yourself?”

FL “I love to be free and not depend on anyone or any system, but it is very difficult. I enjoy hiking and chat with my family and of course the incredible time I spend on social networks.”

RWM – “Your time seems very well spent, it’s wonderful to see the photographs you put up sometimes, they are breath-taking.  What do you hope to achieve from your writing?”

FL – “I have never written to be famous. In fact I think I am writing for pleasure. But if by chance the success came, I would be very happy and it will certainly facilitate my life and that of my family. I write, in fact, for a long time but I never thought to publish my writings. The status of independent author is fine with me.”

RWM – “Me too – Please give us information about how to get your book!”

FL – “So far I’ve published on Amazon and Create Space. I shall see in the future if I continue like this. Here are the links to find the first two volumes of “In the Shadow of the Dragon” which are called “The Shadow” and “Dragon”

RWM – "What is your favourite work? What is its link so people can buy it? Tell me about it and why you believe people should buy it?"

FL – "In the Shadow of the Dragon" is not an easy book. It is also culturally linked to the Chinese world, which is difficult to understand for most Westerners. Currently, I am trying to extract a portion of the book to do something more general about the oppression that people can suffer, and how we can meet inside a concentration camp system that will crush you, even if you have done nothing wrong.”

RWM – “I can vouch for that, I really enjoyed reading your work and have both the dragons. Are you glad to be one of the little guys or would you prefer it if a big publishing house took you under its wings?!

FL – “I like to be independent, but I would not refuse a proposal for a large publishing house if I was getting one.”

RWM – “Tell me a little about yourself, do you have another line of work besides writing?”

FL – “The only condition that I would ask I want to write what I want, and not what the market demands.”

RWM – “That sounds like the words of a very independent man; it has been so brilliant to talk to you Francis, thank you so much for your time. Can I wish you success and lots of love in your life, it has been a pleasure to have you here today.”

By Ruth Watson-Morris

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