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Brand New Young Adult Dark Fantasy Series!

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Welcome to the Saturday Spotlight and the first interview for this is Monique Rockliffe, fabulous Fantasy/sci-fi novelist! Writer of ‘The Door’ and ‘The Sword Bearer’ series!

Meet Monique!

Meet Monique!

RWM – “Hello and welcome Monique, this is a different day for FFA as it is a Saturday, I apologise to my blog readers for the change of day, as this is the last of my Friday (Saturday interviews) for now I wanted it to stand out especially as I have read and own a lot of Monique’s books.
What is your current genre? What made you chose this subject?”

MR – “I write fantasy/epic fantasy/sci-fi. I think they chose me  I’ve always had a wild imagination, so writing fantasy and science fiction seemed the natural choice.”

RWM – “ I must admit to having quite a liking to your series ‘The Sword Bearers’ and ‘The Door’ is a short story any Sci-fi fan should read! What is your current book or work about?

MR – “I am in the process of writing the last instalment of my epic fantasy tetralogy. Books 1-3 are available for purchase right now. I am aiming to finish Book 4, The Sword Bearer’s Ascension, by the end of the year and publishing it next year when I have enough money saved.”

RWM – “Good to know book 4 is coming, I am glad of that! Who is your favourite author? Can you recommend one of their books?”

MR – “I’d say my all time favourite is Stephen King because he can write across genres. I love The Dark Tower series because it is so close to fantasy, but the book of his I enjoyed the most is Black House, which he co-wrote with Peter Straub. Following closely is the book – ‘It’.”

RWM – “Stephen King is a bit round and round the Wrekin for me, although I have been known to pick him up and read his work every now and again. He is very good at pulling in his readers, must be a reason why! How long have you been writing?”

MR – “I started writing seriously in 2009.”

RWM – So quite a newby then, you seem such a natural! What is one of your pet hates?”

MR – “I assume this is a writing related question…so I’d say incorrect punctuation usage. On FB and Twitter I cannot abbreviate anything. Even my text messages are spelled and punctuated perfectly  If this is not a writing related question then I’d say bad manners, rudeness, and injustice have an equal rating as my pet peeves in life.”

RWM – I am not a grammar queen myself, I do hope I get it right, but luckily my editor is pretty nifty and I am sure he doesn’t let anything slip! Tell me a quality you really like about yourself?”

MR – “I can act pretty crazy spontaneously making family and friends feel happy, and I love making strangers smile with a compliment and a “thank you” when they least expect it.”

RWM – “That sentence made me smile just reading it! LOL I have a friend I met at college just like that (Lorna) the world would be sad without people like you both. What do you hope to achieve in your life, from your writing?”

MR – “Well, hey now, if one is writing seriously, which I am, then there is only one goal in life: become a bestselling author!! Second to that is having my books turned into movies because they would all ROCK as movies. ”

RWM – “What is your favourite work? What is its link so people can buy it? Tell me about it and why you believe people should buy it?”

MR – “My tetralogy is definitely my favourite because the story started when I was only eight-years-old and has evolved and grown into what it is now. The tale and the characters have been part of my life for most of my life.

The Sword Bearers: Book 1, The Sword Bearer’s Journey: Book 2, and The Sword Bearer’s Awakening: Book 3 are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and many other online retailers. Here are some links to follow:

Book 2 of 'The Sword Bearer' series!

Book 2 of ‘The Sword Bearer’ series!

A short synopsis:

It is the tale of a young girl, Khyri/KC, who just happens to be a princess and in line to inherit a fierce, heavenly power that can destroy entire worlds, a power past down to the women generation to generation for centuries. Thing is, she doesn’t want that huge responsibility, and when it gets forced on her by her mother, the queen of her world and the current Sword Bearer, in order to save all of creation from utter annihilation, she has to learn how to accept and eventually use this weapon called the Sword of Heaven. The Sword is not a physical weapon but resides within the Bearer, essentially making her – her body and mind and spirit – the weapon incarnate. The story is all about her dangerous, desperate, emotional journey while she is being pursued by a terrible evil that wants this weapon for itself, an arch demon that will kill anyone and destroy anything to reach her. The journey takes the reader to many worlds across time and space until the great Final Battle where the Bearer has to either destroy the demon or relinquish the Sword of Heaven to it and seal the fate of the entire universe and many other universes beyond forever. This power, created by Kurrn, the Creator God, is hers to use to defeat this evil or to lose it to the very powerful and determined arch demon. She learns that the decision is hers alone to make.

If readers are looking for an escape with great adventure, danger, excitement, fantastical worlds and intense descriptions, a rollercoaster of emotions, and characters that hook you in from the start, then these books are for you ”

RWM – “I can recommend Monique’s work, I tend to read a lot of it and really enjoy her stories. Do you believe that big authors can charge too much for their eBooks?”

MR – “Honestly, I haven’t investigated the price ranges. My publisher sets the prices so I don’t really have a say, and I think the same thing happens with the big authors. Saying that, I believe it is important that one’s books are accessible to readers and that the prices don’t make it a burden to buy. At the end of the day you want your readers to read your work and not run away when they see the price!”

RWM – “That I definitely agree with, I like to keep prices affordable for all. Everyone should be able to access reading! Tell me a little about yourself, what made you become an author and do you have a job besides writing?”

MR – “Here’s a quick bio:
I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I currently reside with my husband and two cats that think they own me!
Always the avid reader, I spent every available moment as a child devouring books and learning to read by the time I was three. This included comic books, which added fuel to the fire of my already boundless imagination and expanded my passion for writing, drawing, and the performing arts at a furious rate. I watched as many fantasy and science fiction films as my mother would allow, firmly establishing my love and passion for storytelling of the Otherworldly kind.
After a successful professional dancing career I began writing seriously in 2009. The Sword Bearers tetralogy is the culmination of 32 years of joyous creation begun the day I saw Star Wars for the first time when I was eight.
The Door, a sci-fi tale, is the first of many other short stories I have planned. I love Science Fiction as much as I love Fantasy, and writing in this genre comes just as naturally to me.

I teach ballet at the moment to earn a steady salary, and I still do the occasional ballet class to keep fit. I’ve taught dance (ballet, jazz and contemporary) since 1999 and I think I will continue to do so for years to come.”

RWM – “Thank you so much for taking time out on your busy Saturday Monique, it has been such a pleasure to talk to you. I wish you success and luck for your writing and love and luck for your future!”

By Ruth Watson-Morris