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Christmas 2013

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By Ruth Watson-Morris

Welcome to a Friday December Special, with Author of New Yesterdays – Jim L Wright!

Jim L Wright

Jim L Wright

RWM – “Please welcome to the house, not just a brilliant author of the book New Yesterdays, but a man who has done some fascinating and brilliant work in the Middle East, It is an honour to know such a fantastic man – Please welcome Jim Wright!

Hello Jim,
Please tell us about your work, especially the book ‘New Yesterdays’ what gave you such a brilliant idea?”


JW – “Actually, the idea for New Yesterdays wasn’t entirely mine. I was writing a little story about my brothers and me when suddenly the story took a sharp turn into fantasy and time travel. I still don’t know where all that came from!”

RWM- “ Sounds like you had an epiphany to me, whatever happened it worked that’s for sure! There have been many new authors come onto the scene, what do you think the chances of getting a billion seller are now?”

JW – “Well, I think my chances of being crowned Queen of Romania about as good as this becoming a billion-seller! It doesn’t stop me hoping, though… for the book… but I wouldn’t refuse the crown either!”

RWM – “LOL you’d make a fab Queen, ha-ha! Who do you publish with, are there any recommendations you can make for people at the beginning of their career?”

JW – “I publish with Amazon (of course) and Createspace. I like the idea of having my book(s) available as a “real” book. When anyone asks my advice as they begin to write, I always offer the same advice: Just write the damned thing. When you’re ready to publish it put it on Amazon at a minimum and then get ready to work your ass off to make it known to the reading public.”

RWM – “I agree entirely, I also use the same company. You have helped so many other people and your life always seems so interesting, how do you make time to do your writing?”

JW – “Well, I don’t know that I’ve really helped that many people, but I do what I can, when I can and hope for the best. Making time for writing isn’t really that difficult because I don’t sleep much these days. A couple hours here and a couple hours there; so that leaves lots of time for writing. The best times are those quiet, wee hours of the morning when my Companion is sleeping and the neighbourhood is completely silent. That’s when the “voices” really come to life!”

RWM – “You are very modest Jim, what you do helps a lot of people further their careers, I am sure they would agree with me. Could you give us information where we can buy your book from?”

JW – “I thought you’d never ask (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)! You can get New Yesterdays at Amazon or at Createspace.”

RWM – “Is there anything you can think of that makes you really annoyed?”

JW – “People. Just people. Rude people in general and rude drivers in particular! The drivers in this country are the rudest I’ve ever encountered! I think rudeness is at the root of every problem we face in this world.”

RWM – “We get a lot of that in UK, in particular a certain age group, and no I don’t mean teens! The older people get the more they seem to believe they can be rude. I think if they want respect they should earn it by not pre-judging younger generations all the time! (Off my high horse now) Okay, I can think of a lot, but can you think of one good quality bout yourself?”

JW – “There are damned few good qualities about Jim Wright, but I must say I’m a good listener. Since my teen years people have come to me with their problems. I learned early on that they aren’t necessarily asking me for a solution, they just need a willing ear. And, if you listen long enough they will generally get round to their own solution.”

RWM – “This I agree with, but take a look at the live chat we had for this interview.  I am so fascinated about your work in the Middle East, what made you decide that you wanted to do this type of work?”

JW – “Actually, my work here is pretty much coincidental. I came here to be with my Companion and to live out my 40+ year-old dreams of exploring the Cradle of Civilization.”

RWM – “It’s so nice you got there, I’ve seen some fabulous photographs of you in the Middle East, and please could you tell us about your work?
What little work I do here is nothing more than teaching English as a Second Language…

Now for a change I took my interview further and turned on my live chat so we could banter about his ‘Coincidental work’

Live chat interview with Jim Wright – 9th October 2013
Live chat…

Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

Hi Jim,
Thanks for joining me in this live chat!
So tell me what made you choose the Middle East and what part of it are you in?

Jim Wright

Good afternoon, Ruth, and thank so much for having me on today.
I live in Amman, Jordan. I chose the Middle East for many reasons. First it was for love. My Companion is a native of Jordan. We tried for years to get him a visa to the US without success. Finally, I decided to take early retirement and move here…
I studied Ancient Near Eastern history at Uni, so really that too, made Jordan a natural choice.

Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

That’s so lovely, you moved for love. It’s a shame he couldn’t get into US though, but still you are both together that’s wonderful.
What made you decide to teach English as a career? Is it just something you found there or was it a done deal before you left USA?

Jim Wright

It wasn’t a done deal. I continued working for the laboratory I left in Birmingham, Alabama as a consultant for eighteen months. When they cut me loose I needed something to do. I cast around for a bit to see what I could find, but my Arabic was far too weak for most things.
Suddenly, my Companion suggested teaching English. Well, I dashed to the internet and soaked up all the information I could and began to advertise for pupils.
I primarily teach one-on-one, but I’ve had a couple of groups, too.
I recently had a group of five teenagers. They were all donkeys, sadly, and after about two weeks they all quit me.
I’ve had a couple of guys who stuck with me for a couple of years. Both of them are now working in the US. One is an attorney and the other is working at the United Nations.
I formed a group called Coffee Chat. I had met about a dozen university students who could speak English relatively well, but had few opportunities to practice. So, we met weekly for coffee and arghileh and chatted in English for 2-3 hours.

Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

So teaching English was your partners idea?? Clever guy! It’s a shame people don’t learn other languages like people from other countries seem to want to learn English. LOL I tried to teach myself Italian many moons ago, to nothing coming from it.
That’s brilliant, so your work has helped people become what they want to be.
Wow Jim that is just so fantastic! So not only are you an excellent writer, you give people the opportunity to get work out of Jordan. Your modesty is amazing! I am so impressed by your work, to me you have changed people’s lives, because you take some time to be with them. It’s difficult to be in any country you cant speak fluently in, and you have made that different for these people.

Jim Wright

Well, I have to say that the lion’s share of the credit would have to go to the men and boys I’ve taught. All I’ve done is hold their hands and lead them into the quagmire than you and I call our Mother Tongue. They’ve been really exceptional guys. I enjoyed teaching them because, I confess, I like to be in charge and the Coffee Chat was a huge success because I love to talk.
Believe it or not, it has helped me immensely in learning Arabic, too. So, you can say that they’ve taught me at least as much as I’ve taught them.
And, best of all, it’s been a great and rewarding experience altogether!


Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

You should consider counselling

Jim Wright

That’s a good idea. I’ll tell you a little story about that.
As far back as I can remember… well, not that far back, but since I was in my late teens and early 20s people have come to me to talk about their troubles.
I noticed pretty early on that they weren’t asking for my opinion or advice. They just needed a willing ear. I was happy to provide that ear.
As a result of that experience, I briefly considered going into the Priesthood. Just seemed like the natural thing to do, but life had other plans and I lacked the commitment required for that kind of life.
But, I’d have to say I’ve spent countless hours listening to folks and letting them cry on my shoulder. It makes me feel good that they trust me with their problems and seem to instinctively know that their secrets will go no further.
The thing I’ve asked myself over the years though, is how is it that complete strangers feel comfortable talking to me about their innermost secrets? Strange, odd, and curious to say the least.

Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

Not really, even talking on chat, you have what we call the way. I have a friend who’s a counsellor and I never get why people can talk to him, I’d rather bang my head up a brick wall, but whatever he does seems to work for these people.
But then I know others who I could run to, cry at and feel better with!
That to me is what a counsellor should be like.
You have a very friendly approach to people.

Jim Wright

“The way”… I like that. Would you imagine that I am completely opposite? I have never opened myself really completely to another person in my life. Not completely.

Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

A counsellor should be more like a friend and not wooden!

Jim Wright

Maybe that’s it. My friendly, large and open face attracts folks.
You know, I often go downtown and sit near the park and have a coffee. I know that within a few minutes one of the other old codgers there will come sit with me for a chat. It gives me a great opportunity for practicing and improving my Arabic!

Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

Yes, sounds about right Jim!
I don’t know, my big bro looks similar to you and I am always getting done by him for not telling him things!

Jim Wright

LOL! Well, we have to have some secrets, don’t we?
nudge, nudge, wink, wink

Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

Think it must just be a psychologist has already analysed what’s up and gets on with it, so do counsellors! Perhaps we are already equipped with the coping mechanisms to sort it or be damned! LOL
Would you have to do a course in Jordan? You’d make a mint in UK I know my friend certainly isn’t without money! LOL

Jim Wright

I’m sure I’d have to do a course. However, I’m not sure how many people here seek counselling. By and large, they seem to seek help of any kind from family members. I love that family is so central to life here.
That being said, you’re making me want to check out the opportunities! LOL

Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

So how long have you been in Jordan now? Has your Arabic improved a lot. I’d still be ‘Mrs Pigeon’ like I say half my family are Italian I can speak the odd word, but it just seems to go in one ear and out the other!
Do it Jim! I can honestly recommend you would be great! I too have the people talk to me on the bench syndrome, I enjoy the fact I wont be on my own for very long.

Jim Wright

I’ve been here now for 4 years, 3 months. My Arabic has improved dramatically. The really wonderful thing here is that absolutely everyone you meet (almost) wants to teach you a word or a phrase. English is very widely spoken, but a great many of my friends won’t speak English with me in an effort to continually improve my Arabic.

Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

That’s a great way to learn.

Jim Wright

Really, it’s the best. For example, one friend owns a supermarket. I’ve spent several days with him, going through the shelves learning the names of all the products on offer there. Now, I can confidently ask for things in the markets, souqs, vegetable shops and butchers.

Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

It sounds like you enjoy life so much and the place looks wonderful, I just wonder if you would share a couple of your favourite photographs with us, the place is just beautiful.

Jim Wright

Oh of course! I have nearly a thousand here on Facebook you can choose from, or I can just go through and select as many as you want. Coffee Chat pictures as well as some from the truly astonishing ancient sites I’ve visited here.
You can’t imagine how happy I am here. For the first time in nearly six decades, I am truly and perfectly content. Not that I was unhappy before, I guess I just didn’t know how happy a man could really be!

Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series

That would be fabulous!
That is so well deserved Jim, you look happy in your pictures and are one of the most positive and supportive friends I have.
I feel so lucky to have met you and have loved this chat!

Jim Wright

Thank you so much for this interview! It means so much to me, and I can’t wait to point everyone to your site to read it!
End of live chat…

RWM – “So Jim will you be writing more? ”

JW – “At this very moment I have three works in progress. One is the as yet untitled sequel to New Yesterdays. Another is an Arabian fantasy, tentatively titled “The Wall Crack’d”, with apologies to Agatha Christie. Oh, but the big one… I’ve called it “Canaan Dogs” and it’s a whopper! Global terrorism, apocalypse, World War III, and life afterwards. The protagonists and antagonists are completely unexpected and will stun everyone who reads it. It may very well result in some nasty reviews, so I’m trying to prepare myself for that already. This is the one I’ve been shopping around as a movie and actually got a glimmer of interest from an Italian director.”

RWM – “We have a lot to look forward to, I personally loved New Yesterdays and I am looking forward to reading more from this very talented man!”
What reviewers have said about ‘New Yesterdays’

5 Star review: “The forced removal of the Cherokee Indians in 1838 from their ancestral homes in the South-Eastern parts of the USA has left a legacy of shame and bitterness, which stirs deep emotions even to this day.
But what if the Cherokee and Seminole Indians had forewarning of the white man’s plans for their future? How would they have reacted? What would have been the effect on the development of The United States?
Any rewrite of history is inevitably written in someone else’s blood. However, Jim Wright has provided a fascinating retelling of one of the most shameful episodes in America’s history.”

4 Star review: “This one was an interesting experience. It starts off as a fairly kid friendly story about ‘the old days’ and turns into a passionate and meticulous rewriting of history. Unflinchingly looking at atrocities on both sides, especially the American one, Wright examines the attempted genocide and resettlement of the Cherokee people. I was expecting ‘magical Indians’ and flinched in the opening scene, but to my surprise, they were respectfully handled and treated.”

What my 5 star review also said: “Wow what a great story, Jim’s adventure takes him at first into a abandoned house in his area, but this is more than a ghost story as he discovers some Cherokee Indian friends with a difference.
The author Jim Wright writes a lovely story delving into the history of the Cherokee Indians, I don’t want to give too much away, but can say it is a nice story for any young adult to read, will ‘Jim’s’ character change history itself as he learns more about the people?”


Can I just thank Jim for taking some time out of his busy schedule to talk today, I am so lucky to know such a nice man, and so pleased he spoke to us. Can I leave by wishing you a fabulous and exciting life and success with your wonderful story.”


By Ruth Watson-Morris