Dreams2Media – A dream come true, for professional covers! Orion 2014 cover reveal!

Well the wheels are turning, Orion’s new look will be here in just a few days, but who is behind our fabulous warrior’s new look?

Rebecca Poole – creative manager and out and out genius as created yet another brilliant book cover!

So let’s find out about her –

RWM- Hello Rebecca and welcome,

What made you decide to go into the career of Cover artist?

RP -It was actually quite by accident.  I started creating book trailers for author friends to help them with book promotions, and my husband dared me to try to create a mock book cover.  I had such a great time creating it that I started doing them for others and now it’s become a career that I love and can be proud of.

RWM – That’s wonderful, so you didn’t even realise you had such a great talent, just goes to show people should give things a go.

So how long did it take you to train?

RP – I’ve been doing this for almost three years.  I don’t think anyone ever stops learning.  I know that I am constantly studying new techniques and trying new styles.

RWM – Are you self-taught and just a natural or did you go to school/college to get so good?

RP – I’m completely self-taught.  I have used many tutorials and have been given some fantastic advice from veteran cover artists along the way, so I guess you could say I’ve had quite a bit of help.

RWM – I find that utterly amazing! You are so talented, it is brilliant you did this all on your own!

What is your favourite book genre?

RP – There’s so many, but I think my favourite right now is Urban Fantasy.  

RWM – Not only is Rebecca a cover artist, she has now also a fabulous fantasy author

Tell us all about your book?

RP – My current release is a short story included in the Rise of the Goddess anthology published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly.  My particular offering is about a man’s faith and what he gives up for his beliefs, regardless of the cost.  The anthology is for charity to help a small library one of my pub sisters is the librarian for.

RWM – Do you enjoy the experience of being an author as well as designing book covers?

RP – Yes, very much.  I love telling a story with words and with art.  It’s very gratifying…albeit difficult.  People who can weave words into fantastic stories are magical to me.  I hope to one day be able to do that and to give a reader the sense of wonderment that I’ve been gifted with when I’m reading a book.

RWM – Do you have one favourite piece of artwork you have designed?

RP – That’s like asking which of my cats I love more!  I honestly have quite a few pieces that I love, but I think my calavera work would be the first to come to mind.

RWM – Can you pick three book covers that are your favourites?

RP – Oh dear.  That’s tough as well.  I honestly have a lot of work that I’m proud of.  So, here’s three off the top of my head, one of which isn’t published yet, but soon, I hope.

Lady Dark by Nya Rawlyns, Bittermoon by Suzana Wylie, and Fashionably Dead by Robyn Peterman.

RWM – Will you be writing more stories?

RP – Yes. I’ve got a few I’m working on, and hopefully will have a full novel completed soon.  We will look forward to reading that!

RWM – Tell us where we can find your work?

RP – I have several:







Now for the moment you have been waiting for

The new Orion cover is here



And as promised, we have shadow running in the forest on the paperback only, we didn’t wont to take the lime light away from Orion now did we?

Thanks so much Rebecca for all your hard work! I wish you so much luck for the future.

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Get ready for the new face of Orion…

The wheels are in motion for a new Orion cover, hopefully this fabulous artwork will be on display with the brilliant cover artist that is creating it.

This is very exciting for me as the book cover will include Solo Black Echo – the dog you all know as Shadow.

I will be interviewing Rebecca Poole and asking her some questions about how she got into making covers in the first place.

Until then…

Watch this Space!