Support your authors – no matter where they are from! Traditional, indie & self-published!


I decided to take a look into why people feel that indie and self-published authors are a bad investment.
It doesn’t matter where your books are from all can be disliked, have mistakes in them and still not be the book you was hoping it to be.
But this I can tell you, self-published authors good or bad do get freedom to write how they wish to, you will find books you feel have problems with editing, misspelling, bad punctuation, but I have found these sorts of mistakes in those traditionally published as well.
All editing traditional and otherwise relies upon human eye, which can miss problems, but the more editing the book has the less chance the book has for having these mistakes.
Traditional publishers have many editors, and still I find some brilliant boo boo’s.
So what do I advise?
I have lists of favourite SP/Indie/Traditional published authors, From JK Rowling to SP authors such as Diane Major; if you wish to take a look for free most kindle books on amazon allow you a look into a few chapters first.
Try these before you buy, also a lot of the new authors allow you to buy some fabulous books at bargain prices on kindle, if you are lucky they may be running a free promotion, so take the opportunity to try the novel for free, and if you loved it take a chance and leave the book a review!
Here is my list of Indie/Self-pub authors that I like/love and hope you will take some time to give them a look.
Diane Major:
Bob Atkinson (only 1 release at the moment):
Kathy Rowe:
Samantha Jacobey:
Shannon McRoberts:
Thomas Rydder:
Carol Bird (Poetry, no author page):
Ruth Watson-Morris:
Jim Wright:

Other authors to look out for:
Ngaire Elder – Ceclia Spark books
Francis Laveaux – Crime thriller
Jorja Dupont-Oliva – Relationships
Steven Watson-Morris – Childrens

There are so many who deserve a mention.

There are thousands out there all writing something new and different in your favourite genre, so come on don’t be shy, give the new author a go…
I do believe you will be pleasantly surprised. I was!

By Ruth Watson-Morris

5 comments on “Support your authors – no matter where they are from! Traditional, indie & self-published!

  1. I was GUILTY of only buying the books that the stores and TV was promoting. I have been reading indie authors now for one year and I have to say there is some great authors out there!

  2. You are so right. I find mistakes all the time in traditional published books. So why take it out on the indie author. Great post!!

  3. Reblogged this on Annie's Blog and commented:
    Authors that get published in the traditional way have edit problems too. And they have many editors that go over their books. We’ve all seen this and yet we read those books anyway. So why all the fuss when a indie makes mistakes. I’m beginning to thing it’s the big publishers that are doing everything they can to keep readers away from the independent author..Why can’t we just support every author who writes and publishes a book..If it was easy everyone would do it..

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