Fantacia Book 1 – The Voxian Trilogy – 16+ Dark Fantasy Reading!

SALE ON @Amazon

SALE ON @Amazon

Fantacia has been the number 1 best selling Dark Fantasy novel no more than 12 times in the last 18 months. Yes well done Yay! But do you have your copy?
Okay here is were to get it from and how much it costs at these places!
Pick it up at –
Barnes & Noble for $1.99
Kobo books UK £1.19
WHSmith UK £1.19 for Kobo
Smashwords $1.99 All formats EUR 0.89 for Kindle CND$1.08 Kindle 77p Kindle £1.29 Kindle
Also available on Createspace & Amazon Worldwide in Paperback
In a world of evil…
Demons stand to brutally & Viciously take that which we have come to know as our world.
Only the warriors of Vox, super-powered heroes, ageless, beautiful vampire aliens who stand in these enemies way.
Voxian warriors who are the bringers of peace, in a world over run with destruction and home to tortured victims of Belial and his evil sidekick.
The Voxians with their Angel King Kathos fight for justice for all who will stand with them, protecting the vulnerable, keeping them safe against those who have become lost to the dark side of the multiverse.
Fantacia is one such warrior, read her beginning and her end…
With Dragons by her side, loyal giant wolves and her evil terrifying enemies, have no fear…

By Ruth Watson-Morris

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