Insight into self published books, are they good or bad?

1a a great reads

Times are definitely changing, publishing a book used to be a long road through rejection letters and agents – so what changed?

Digital publishing!

People who have dreamed the dream are now out there, millions of them, writing, re-writing, editing, re-editing following what they believe to be their dream of becoming a great novelist, but are they really?
I have 398 eBooks on my kindle and around 75 paperbacks, asking myself why that is I realise to my disappointment that over 75% of the eBooks I buy are just not up to standard (Are mine the same – I wonder? Perhaps, but as one of UK’s best selling SP authors I am hoping it isn’t the case).

I scroll through what seems like my never ending list of ‘Traditional, Indie & Self Published’ books and some are littered with mistakes, that I can usually forgive if the stories are good.

I have 4 editors who aren’t me, why? Because I want people to enjoy my books, I am not out to make a fast living, I plod along daily, knowing some of my books are great, others not so, but after 8 books (which mostly sell on a daily basis) I hopefully understand what my readers are looking for, and try my best to fulfil this.

So what can I advise these readers to do?


It’s not always going to work, I have started off well with books thinking WOW and ended up doing 1, 2 miss a few after the first couple of chapters!

Am I an expert? No I am an avid reader, I know what I like, what I want and believe others out there are the same, but I will ask this of everyone reading any books – WRITE REVIEWS – without them readers and authors alike will never know, even if it is just I hate it, or I loved it the more you review as a reader the more others will be able to see and decide if they too want to chance paying for a book.

Open the door to all books, surprise yourself!

Open the door to all books, surprise yourself!

What I am trying to say is – everyone, take a look into this fabulous world – you don’t have to stick to books by traditional authors anymore, there is a whole world out there waiting, some of which you’ll hate, but hopefully there will be some you love.

I have been pleasantly surprised, I tend to read many genres now, but have found stories out there that I absolutely love and if I hadn’t taken a chance on SP or Indie, I would never have met such fabulous characters!

By Ruth Watson-Morris

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