Christmas deals now on

01 Christmas Books Voxian

Great eBook deals this Christmas for everyone.

Bellazard (great first chapter book) for kids aged 7+ Just 77p great value and a wonderful and different adventure UK link:

Katania for young adults aged 14+ just 77p brilliant new generation book 1 best selling fantasy for 14+. UK link:

Fantacia for adults and young adults aged 16+ fantastic adventure, a best selling dark fantasy novel with epic battles, Dragons, dinosaurs and superheroes at just 77p. UK link:

Orion for adults and young adults 17+ the story gets a little darker as a DNA virus spreads across Vox turning the warriors feral Just 77p. UK link:

Sky for adults 18+ as Sky is sent to Drugal to persuade the queen dragon to open the portals to the Multiverse and help find allies for Kathos to fight Satan in Hell, just 77p offer on only until 2015! UK link:

Offer is open to people worldwide! What else would you get for your favourite fantasy fans?

By Ruth Watson-Morris

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