0000001 Roses front cover only

This novella is approximately 52 pages long and is not for anyone who has just lost someone to cancer.

‘Roses is the story of a 53 year old woman who is facing the end of her life after a battle with cancer. Witness memories of her life as a child, her struggles as she becomes a single mother in the 70’s. Looking back at new events around the globe and memories of history as it unfolded in UK, music and her massive life events. Cancer is now diagnosed in UK to 1 in 3 people, this book tells the story of just one ordinary woman who has been struck down by this terrible illness.’

**I need reviewers if this book is going to sell, and the more I sell the more money can be donated!**

FREE PDF will be provided.

Please contact me either on here with a point of contact to get the PDF to you or find me on Facebook at Ruth Watson-Morris it has a picture of the roses and blue butterfly as my profile picture.

Thankyou XX


By Ruth Watson-Morris