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Meet Bleak, a fairy warrior, looking for survivors after a Holocoust she finds friends and discovers some deadly enemies.
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Teen reading.

By Ruth Watson-Morris

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“Bloody Marvelous!”






Available Worldwide on Kindle!

By Ruth Watson-Morris

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Funny as F**k!
No Emotions Required is a Victoria Woodesque comedy out to make you have a giggle.
Comical witterings of a Brummie housewife.
Great personality of a shop worker who just needs someone to banter on to you.
First person narrative with comical stories told about her life, her friends and family.
She does have a bit of an accent, but it only adds to her character.
Funny stories that will hopefully give people a look at Birmingham in the 1970’s and make you chuckle.
Everybody’s been there.
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“Bloody Marvelous!”

It’s available onkindle FREE all weekend!

By Ruth Watson-Morris