FREEBIES for the kids this holiday!

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FREE TODAY – 2 fabulous eBooks.

Bellazard – an adventure for children looking for a first chapter book. Great adventures had by Katania, Emmina, Reign & Azhenn as they search for some Dragons that have gone missing, they find a mysterious egg in the Dragon caves as well, can the children discover what’s in the mystery and will they find the Dragons?


UK – A great adventure for the readers 7+

Katania – a fabulous first look into the Voxian world for readers aged 15+, things get very serious for the now grown up warrior Katania, when a evil demon whose kiss is poisonous visits the Voxian’s nebula, causing chaos and devastation.


UK –

Great freebies!

By Ruth Watson-Morris

New books coming soon…


Jared is a Demon warrior, a dark and mysterious character with no love for anyone, that is until he finds himself mixed up with a demon named Tretura. His love for her get’s him accused of murder and pulled into the dark side – will the voxians prevail and save Halen’s half Voxian half human son?

Also coming April 2015
1a a Cover Julia & the knights of Skaila

Yes whilst busying my head with one subject a new one arrived – She’s tough, well she should be her dad’s the head of the mob! Let Julia’s adventure capture your heart and watch her adventures into the past and present amaze you.

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Deals on Children’s Books as well by Steven Watson-Morris

01 Christmas Books for kids promo

Looking for something exciting for your kids this year for Christmas? What about these?

Teacher town paperback activity book for 5+

UK link: £5.95

Teachertown book 2 Paperback activity book for 5+

UK link: £5.95

Mrs Trimble and her magic teapot in paperback and on Kindle for as little as £1.22 on Kindle. UK Kindle link: Paperback £5.95

The Further adventures of Mrs Trimble available also in both paperback and Kindle editions for 5+. Kindle edition UK link:
Paperback also £5.95

Bright, brilliant, thought provoking, teaching children the old fashioned way, stories of Dragons, magic, activities, colouring in lots of fun for any young child this Christmas!

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Christmas deals now on

01 Christmas Books Voxian

Great eBook deals this Christmas for everyone.

Bellazard (great first chapter book) for kids aged 7+ Just 77p great value and a wonderful and different adventure UK link:

Katania for young adults aged 14+ just 77p brilliant new generation book 1 best selling fantasy for 14+. UK link:

Fantacia for adults and young adults aged 16+ fantastic adventure, a best selling dark fantasy novel with epic battles, Dragons, dinosaurs and superheroes at just 77p. UK link:

Orion for adults and young adults 17+ the story gets a little darker as a DNA virus spreads across Vox turning the warriors feral Just 77p. UK link:

Sky for adults 18+ as Sky is sent to Drugal to persuade the queen dragon to open the portals to the Multiverse and help find allies for Kathos to fight Satan in Hell, just 77p offer on only until 2015! UK link:

Offer is open to people worldwide! What else would you get for your favourite fantasy fans?

By Ruth Watson-Morris

FREE 10th. 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th October, 2014 on Kindle Worldwide!

01 FREE book today

Hints and tips for any new authors about to take the leap into the world of writing!



In the top 100 in UK & US! Available worldwide – if you love this why not give it a review!

By Ruth Watson-Morris

Insight into self published books, are they good or bad?

1a a great reads

Times are definitely changing, publishing a book used to be a long road through rejection letters and agents – so what changed?

Digital publishing!

People who have dreamed the dream are now out there, millions of them, writing, re-writing, editing, re-editing following what they believe to be their dream of becoming a great novelist, but are they really?
I have 398 eBooks on my kindle and around 75 paperbacks, asking myself why that is I realise to my disappointment that over 75% of the eBooks I buy are just not up to standard (Are mine the same – I wonder? Perhaps, but as one of UK’s best selling SP authors I am hoping it isn’t the case).

I scroll through what seems like my never ending list of ‘Traditional, Indie & Self Published’ books and some are littered with mistakes, that I can usually forgive if the stories are good.

I have 4 editors who aren’t me, why? Because I want people to enjoy my books, I am not out to make a fast living, I plod along daily, knowing some of my books are great, others not so, but after 8 books (which mostly sell on a daily basis) I hopefully understand what my readers are looking for, and try my best to fulfil this.

So what can I advise these readers to do?


It’s not always going to work, I have started off well with books thinking WOW and ended up doing 1, 2 miss a few after the first couple of chapters!

Am I an expert? No I am an avid reader, I know what I like, what I want and believe others out there are the same, but I will ask this of everyone reading any books – WRITE REVIEWS – without them readers and authors alike will never know, even if it is just I hate it, or I loved it the more you review as a reader the more others will be able to see and decide if they too want to chance paying for a book.

Open the door to all books, surprise yourself!

Open the door to all books, surprise yourself!

What I am trying to say is – everyone, take a look into this fabulous world – you don’t have to stick to books by traditional authors anymore, there is a whole world out there waiting, some of which you’ll hate, but hopefully there will be some you love.

I have been pleasantly surprised, I tend to read many genres now, but have found stories out there that I absolutely love and if I hadn’t taken a chance on SP or Indie, I would never have met such fabulous characters!

By Ruth Watson-Morris

FREE TODAY and for the next 3 days SKY – Book 3 of The Voxian series!

1a Sky FREE on Kindle
FREE TODAY & FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS! For one time only Sky – Book 3 of The Voxian Series. Can Sky persuade Layottae the Queen Dragon to open the portals of the Universe, to help Kathos gain more allies to fight the demons of Hell?
Adult reading some mild erotica, violence and bad language throughout! Available world-wide!

By Ruth Watson-Morris