Get ready for the new face of Orion…

The wheels are in motion for a new Orion cover, hopefully this fabulous artwork will be on display with the brilliant cover artist that is creating it.

This is very exciting for me as the book cover will include Solo Black Echo – the dog you all know as Shadow.

I will be interviewing Rebecca Poole and asking her some questions about how she got into making covers in the first place.

Until then…

Watch this Space!


Hello and welcome!

Welcome to the world of the Voxians.

Alien beings out to save the world and always happy to turn battle mode taking out any enemy in their way.

Meet Fantacia, she has looked better than this! In the first edition book a little rough around the edges, but hey we all gotta learn!

This is FREE on Kindle on 29th & 30th September 2012 while the MS is off being sproused up and made ready for it’s second edition.

31st October 2012!